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Yard Design

Our custom yard design service transforms your outdoor space into a breathtaking oasis. We work with you to create a unique and functional yard that exceeds your expectations. From redesigning the placement of mulch and stone to incorporating new features and elements, we make your dream yard a reality.

Clean Up

Get your yard in top shape with our professional yard clean up service. Whether it's spring or fall, we offer thorough clean up that includes leaf blowing, debris clearing, and brush and twig removal.

Shrub and Flower

Our expert shrub and flower installation services elevate the beauty of your landscape. We install with precision and care, ensuring your shrubs and flowers flourish in their new environment.

On-Site Log

Our professional on-site log splitting service provides efficient and affordable solutions to meet your needs. With rates starting at just $110-135 per hour, our team utilizes a range of equipment, from small hydraulic splitters to wood processors, to break down logs of any size.

Mulch, Soil, and stone installation by Nick's Family Garden Center
Mulch, Soil, and Stone Installation

Our premium mulch, soil, and stone installation service offers top-quality materials for both commercial and residential properties. Whether you choose to have your materials delivered or picked up, our team provides expert installation and redesign services to meet your needs.

Stone Driveway

Our professional stone driveway installation service provides expert solutions to enhance the beauty and durability of your outdoor space. Our team can install a new stone driveway on any surface or replenish an existing one to revitalize its appearance.

Pool Fill-In

Our expert pool fill-in services provide comprehensive solutions to remove unwanted pools or fill low areas on your property. We utilize high-quality fill dirt to ensure a stable and even surface, and can top it off with nutrient-rich topsoil for lush grass growth.

Load Hauling by Nick's Family Garden Center

Small & Big

Load Hauling

Our professional small and big load hauling services offer flexible solutions to transport materials of any size. Our truck rentals come with our experienced drivers and a range of vehicles, from small dump trucks to triaxle trucks capable of holding 3-24 tons of material.

On-site equipment operating services by Nick's Family Garden Center




From heavy loaders and bobcats to rollers and skid-steer, our team has the knowledge and experience to operate a wide range of equipment to meet your needs.

Delivery Services

Our reliable delivery services offer flexible solutions to transport materials and items to and from your property. We can deliver any amount of material or items you need within the South Jersey and surrounding areas.

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